Biggest Impact Projects

After two years of DIY-madness, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest impact projects.  Of course, some projects cost a small fortune, while others have a big impact without impacting your wallet as much.  Here’s our list of the biggest impact projects, organized by cost.

Bang For Your Buck:

  • Updating the light switches/electrical outlets (this also can be done in a short period of time, like other projects found here).  A light switch only costs $5 and can make a house feel more updated or finished.
  • Painting.  A gallon of Behr paint from Home Depot only costs $27.  We usually use (and highly recommend) Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint, which is VOC-free, costs a bit more at $55, but still brings a big impact.
  • Reorganizing and cleaning up.  We’re big fans of reorganizing, donating, recycling, repurposing, and generally making sure nothing in our house is there just because we own it.  This can actually pay you, if you make a tax-deductible donation!

Spend Your Time On It:

  • Modernizing moldings.  We’re all about pulling out old, plain moldings and replacing them with newer ones.  This project goes a long way in making a space feel fresh and new.  Crown molding especially takes a lot of time, energy, and patience, but the final effect is totally worth it!
  • Covering up the textured or popcorn ceiling.  We cannot say enough about putting drywall over a textured ceiling.  This can take time because you have to put on a few coats of joint compound and sand and spackle and sand, but the final effect is incredible.

Throw Money At It:

  • Installing recessed lights.  We try to install them ourselves, which saves the cost of labor.  If you’re not as electrically-handy as Krister is, paying someone else to do it can cost a pretty penny.  We hired The Electric Man (in King of Prussia, PA) to install recessed lights into our living room and to install the chandelier in our kitchen.  The total cost was nearly $2,000.  The Electric Man was not the least expensive subcontractor out there, but the company was willing to provide evidence of insurance and licensing and came with good recommendations.  We were willing to pay a little extra…  still not cheap.
  • Redecorating.  The cost totally adds up here, adding furniture, window treatments, and knick-knacks, but naturally, the final effect of redecorating a room can really leave you feeling happy about how different your space looks.

What big impact projects have you undertaken?  What would you add to this list?

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