The Wrong Shade of Brown

We decided to paint our guest bathroom brown.  It used to be a bright shade of green and it just didn’t fit with the color scheme that we were bringing through the rest of the house.


(That picture dates back to when we moved in, but we hadn’t touched it yet.)

We thought that a nice neutral would balance the yellow, green, and blue in the nearby bedrooms and a brown or beige seemed like a good option.  We thought we nailed it with a paint swatch we found at Restoration Hardware and had our local Benjamin Moore dealer replicate it.

When we popped the swatch up on the wall, it wasn’t quite as dreamy as we had hoped.  We thought it looked a little green, but attributed that to the underlying paint leaking through.  Turns out, it actually was just a little too green.

Bathroom- After1st Paint

Do you see what we mean?  The photo actually makes it look greener than it is in real life, but you get the jist of it.  We still think that brown is the right choice, but finding the right one is proving to be as difficult as picking the right shade of grey.

The tile grout is orange, which makes the brown look greener.  Also, the wood surrounding the medicine cabinet has red-orange undertones that clash with the brown.  Here’s a close-up:


So, we’re going to try a new shade of brown.  Our sights are currently set on Benjamin Moore’s Bradstreet Beige, a brown with some red undertones.  We’re not convinced that it will be right either, but we’ll keep working through it until we find the right one.

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