The Grass is Always Greener…

…on our side of the fence!  Okay, not really, but we try.

We love our lawn and we like to keep it green and lush.  But, as anyone who has a lawn knows, that is much easier said than done.  We’re constantly battling shade, pet waste, and erosion on our property.  The result is usually spotty grass, thinning, and a lot of moss.

Our arsenal is full and we don’t give up easily.  To combat the bare spots, we apply- wait for it, wait for it – grass seed.  (We know, that seems like an obvious solution.  Sometimes the easy answer works!)  We put grass seed down on the whole yard to fill in the bald areas as well as the areas where the grass is just thinning for thicker, stronger hair grass.  Then we sprinkle on fertilizer (Scott’s Turfbuilder Starter Food) to encourage the grass to grow.

Lawn - bald spot

The moss… well, that’s a trickier problem.  Our battle plan features three different strategies.  First, we aerate the lawn.  Moss can grow as a result of soil compaction, so we use a hand aerator to loosen the soil.  This task is admittedly a tedious chore, so now we’re sporting blisters on our hands.  Second, after aerating, we apply a healthy coat of lime to reduce the acidity of our soil.  Third , we spray a “moss terminating formula” (aka: a spray that kills moss) on some of the densest areas of moss.  The moss tends to grow in areas where the grass is thin, but in order to convince the grass to grow, we need to get rid of the moss.

Applying lime

We have found that getting started early in the season helps the new grass germinate and grow enough to tolerate the summer heat and drought.  We were able to tackle the lawn a few weeks ago and we’re getting ready to do a second application.  You can already see the difference:

Our pretty lawn

Much greener already.  Joneses 1; Moss 0.  Really, everybody wins.

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