The Colors of Spring

This year, the colors of spring are blue and yellow.  And now the colors of spring are covering our porch.  They look awesome:

Colorful porch

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about the porch, so here’s a reminder of what it looked like before our color infusion:


All we did was swap out a few pillows and add a rug.  But that’s all it took to get the room feeling cheery.  The pillows that came with the furniture were great (they had a lovely floral pattern that was quite fun).  The pillows were black and khaki, which left the room feeling too neutral with the brown-khaki couches and the brown wooden table.  Adding pillows was an easy way to bring some bright colors into the room.

Porch pillows closeup

We also snagged a matching 8×10 rug.  The rug was a necessity for making the room more usable.  We often didn’t use the porch because the slate floor in the cold porch made it too uncomfortable to hang out in.  Add a rug and voila! comfort.

The pillows and the rug are both suitable for outdoor areas.  You may recall that we used to get some water filtering through the porch back before Krister installed the door to the backyard.  The water has been gone ever since (knock on wood) but we thought it was safer to get watersafe furniture and accessories just in case.

We want to add a few more yellow accessories and we’ll certainly update you when we do!

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