Lighten Up

This post should probably be renamed: “Things that are a major pain and have little impact, but sometimes you just have to do them.”  Specifically, we picked up our paintbrushes and painted a ceiling, some shutters, and some mouldings…  white.

The paint job was one of those little things that we kept meaning to do, but it took us two years to actually do it.  The ceiling had a few little spots on it from before we moved in and some areas that had been spackled when our overhead lights were installed (back in the fall of 2010).  We painted the hallway shortly after Kasen was born (Spring 2010) but skipped the mouldings.  And the shutters were still the grey-white that the living room was painted when we moved in.  Another project that we should’ve tackled in the fall of 2010.  Needless to say, we’ve been putting it off.

Here’s what the ceiling looked like before (spoiler: it looked like a white ceiling):


Here’s what it looks like now (yep, still looks like a white ceiling):


Even though the pictures don’t show it, the shade of white in the “before” picture was more of a grey-white, which matched the color scheme of the living room before we moved in.  But after we installed mouldings in Benjamin Moore’s White Chocolate, a warmer white, the ceiling looked a little dirty.  Now it matches seamlessly with the mouldings.  And that’s something that really cheers us up!

A photo of the mouldings and shutters during the painting process shows the change a bit better.  Oh, but before we show you that picture, we should probably mention that the shutters we’re dealing with are the ones in the pictures above – so they’re indoor shutters, not outdoor.  We’re just working with our regular semigloss paint (Natura by Benjamin Moore) in White Chocolate.  Liek we said above, that’s the same color as the mouldings and pretty much the rest of the house.  Now, to show you the paint color difference…

On a closet door in the hallway:

Painting the Hallway

On the shutters (left is unfinished, right has one coat of white):

white on shutters

Here’s what the shutters look like when we finished:

shutters are white

By the way, do you see the color difference in the yellow walls?  The “after” picture is truer to life.  We just upgraded the camera (an amazing birthday present from Krister to Kristin) and the new camera grabs color more accurately.  We’re thrilled.

But going back to the point of the post (how annoying this paint job was).  It took 5 coats of paint over three days to get those shutters white.  And they still look a little bit grey in parts.  Hopefully it’s just a shadow, but annoying nonetheless.  But we’re happy to have the project under our belts and we’re ready to move on to more interesting projects!

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