For a while when Kasen was starting to learn about colors, when asked “What color is this?” he responded “Yellow!” regardless of the object’s actual color.  We are pretty sure that this declaration was a result of the word “Yellow” being fun and easy to say, because the true color-love-of-his-life is orange.  He wants to eat out of an orange bowl with an orange fork, to wear an orange jacket, and to play with an orange ball.  So, for his birthday , how could we not indulge him with some orange and yellow?


That’s right!  Kasen is the now proud owner of some orange fish.  And they are happy fish.

Kasen’s fish tank is a fresh water, tropical tank holding 50 gallons of water.  In its hayday, Krister kept salt water fish in the tank during college on a special stand he built himself.  Not surprising, since he’s always had the DIY spirit.  That brings us to a fun opportunity for a throwback picture:

fishtank in college

The fishtank is behind us on the left side of the picture (obviously the fishtank was not the focus of the picture).  On a non-DIY note, Kristin recalls that her arms were only that buff becasuse she helped carry that fishtank (with some of the water and fish inside) in and out of the dorm every semester.  Ah, to have those arms again.  Wow, we really have changed over the years!

The tank has been sitting in our basement gathering dust for a few years now.  Since Kasen loves fish (and Krister wants a bigger, that’s right folks – BIGGER – tank), we decided to move it into Kasen’s room.  Kristin’s brother Billy helped Krister move the tank and decided that the fish would be the perfect birthday gift for his nephew.  And he was right.  Kasen loves the “fishies”!  When he wakes up from naps, we hear him through the monitor advising the fish that they are orange.  You know, in case they forgot.

Oh, and for those of you interested in some of the physics at work here…  a 50-gallon fish tank weighs in the realm of 450-500 pounds when it is full.  So, if you’re planning to get one, you can’t just plop it on any old piece of furniture.  We are the type who tend to overbuild things and Kasen’s built-ins are no exception. The built-ins were constructed with a number of extra supports so that the shelves are strong enough to hold the tank (and probably more).

After Krister installed the tank, he drilled a hole into the built-ins so to run the wires and tubing.  We placed one of the toy storage baskets in front of the outlet, so Kasen wasn’t tempted to pull on anything essential.


A big thank you to Billy for the awesome orange birthday present for his almost-two-year-old nephew!  And we’ll be back next week with the details on Kasen’s birthday party (spoiler: it’s a Price is Right themed party, featuring some awesome DIY projects) and more birthday presents.

One thought on “Orange

  1. !Absolutely loved the story and pics. We hve missed your blogs. Getting ready for Christmas hre – trees up, and of course our standard soldier on the outside wall! Love, G & G

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