Baby Steps

We have begun progress on Littler K’s room!  We haven’t made much progress (hence this post’s title), but slow and steady wins the race, right?

So, when we left off, the room was untouched:

And we had picked a layout:

Our top priority was to pick a color scheme.  We hadn’t done that because we didn’t know if Littler K would be a boy or a girl.  Well, guess what?  IT’S A GIRL!   Kristin always imagined a purple and white color scheme for a girl’s room (if we had a girl).  In looking for inspiration, however, we found this gorgeous nursery color-combo at Pottery Barn Kids.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Here’s the PBK bedding that is our inspiration for the room:

We tested a shade of light green paint on the wall (Pale Vista by Benjamin Moore) and we’re sold.

Of course, we didn’t celebrate for long.  Settling on the color scheme reminded us that we have a lot of work ahead of us, before we can even get to nursery painting!  Our to-do list, which will probably grow, currently looks like this:

  • Replace the moldings to match the ones we’ve been updating in the rest of the house.
  • Install new overhead lighting.
  • Fix the closet.
  • Paint the walls and pray that we don’t have another wallpaper situation!
  • Bring in the furniture and accessories!

Oh, right.  That list actually is missing a huge project: cover the popcorn ceiling!  Which brings us to what we’ve been working on for a weekend or two:

We’ve taken out the mouldings and covered the ceiling.  We are in progress for spackling and sanding before we paint the ceiling.  Oh, and you can see our little paint sample on the wall next to the window (and another one on the left side of the picture).  The color will pop more when we get some new lighting in there.

Oh, and we have more news!  Well, the walls had some news anyway.  Turns out that someone stuffed some newspaper in the walls behind the mouldings in the 1970s…  We found mostly obituaries and lost pets, but we thought that the “MALE HELP WANTED” section was the most interesting relic:

So, we’ll continue to make baby steps.  We won’t try and do anything too fast in light of the holidays – Happy Thanksgiving everyone! – and Kasen’s upcoming birthday (is he almost two already???).  But we’ll keep chugging along and we’ll keep you posted along the way.  Hope you all have a DIY holiday planned too.

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