Ooooh, shiny!

We installed shelves in the garage – woot woot.

Aren’t they awesome?  And so shiny…  When we learned that you can buy diamond plate shelving for the garage, we knew we had to have it.   It’s just screams “Someone loves the cars in this garage!”

Diamond plate shelving doesn’t come cheap though.  We found a great price on them at Sam’s Club and ordered them right away.  They cost about half what they cost at garage suppliers, so we were sold.

Here’s what the garage looks like now:

Notice the other additions?  Let us help you out:

The tool chest is eventually going to move to the space currently occupied by the wheelbarrow, whose permanent home will be somewhere else.  But currently, the wheelbarrow is full of weather-sensitive concrete mix for the wall, so it’s in the garage.

Oh, and the coat hooks?  They can hold a lot more than coats.  Anchored into the brick, these puppies can literally hold a human.  Trust us, we both gave it a try. 

Here are a few storage closeups:

The best part?  Our basement doesn’t look like this anymore!

Just in time too… we had a delivery of hand-me-down furniture arrive only a day or two after we finished installing the shelves.  New furniture pics coming soon!

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