To Do for Number 2

We are approaching the pregnancy half-way mark.  The baby is due in 21 weeks, and we are only 2 weeks from finding out the baby’s gender!  We love that milestone – it makes the baby feel more like a future family member.

From a home improvement perspective, we need to get planning.  We don’t want to waste any time.  Our past experience with Kasen’s room taught us two lessons:

  1. Little projects can turn into major renovations.  (It took us 8 weeks to paint Kasen’s room, thanks to the discovery of the painted-over wallpaper that bubbled up when the paint was applied.)  This can be a problem when you have a firm deadline like the birth of a baby.
  2. Finish everything, Everything!, before the baby’s arrival.  We planned to do Kasen’s built-in shelves after a few months…  but we didn’t touch it until over a year later.  Admittedly, we still have some exposed screws and some moldings that were never installed in his room since he’s usually sleeping in there when we’re working.

So, we’re getting started on the second baby’s room now.  We haven’t picked the baby’s name yet and don’t plan on formallly announcing his or her name until he or she is born.  Since we casually refer to Kasen as “Little K,” we’ve decided to nickname the second baby Littler K.  (Get it? Because all of our names start with K?)

First things first – we picked a room that we want to use.  We decided that our exercise room will be the best choice.  Well, frankly, it’s the only viable choice – the only other rooms are the large guest room that we hope someday to turn into the master bedroom, and the basement, which we hope to turn into a playroom/guest room.  So, from here on out, the exercise room will be known as “Littler K’s Room.”  Here’s what it looks like now:

Next, we measured out the room and started space planning.  We will need the room to hold a lot of stuff (toys, clothes, and gear) and we need it to accomplish that task smoothly.  Next we asked what types of things aren’t working for us in that room.  As we said, we need to accomplish as much as possible before Littler K is born.

So, here’s the to do list:

  • Replace the moldings to match the ones we’ve been updating in the rest of the house.
  • Install new overhead lighting.
  • Fix the closet.
  • Paint the walls and pray that we don’t have another wallpaper situation!
  • Bring in the furniture and accessories!

We were shocked to realize that there was actually very little that needs to be done, as far as we can tell on the surface.  Right now, we’re thinking the floor plan will look like this:

It’s a tight fit but it looks like we’ll be able to get all the necessary furniture in there – and maybe a few fun extras!  We have Kasen’s bureau and changing table under a window and it helps to keep him distracted during diaper changes – we’ll do the same for Littler K.  The big wall will be perfect for the crib.  We’ll put a nice plush baby-friendly rug down to give the baby a soft surface to crawl/fall on.

The color pallette is not likely to be the same color pallete we pick for the bedroom -it was entirely random for the floor planning software.  We want to make some more progress on our Someday Patio before diving into Littler K’s bedroom, but we’ll consider this plan a good start!

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