Are we really this dirty?

After two years of living in our home, the carpet looked terrible.  Stains everywhere!  The poor carpet had held up to Gigi’s sensitive stomach, Kasen”s infant reflux, and our backyard mud pit (the someday patio), but it was showing some wear to say the least.

Kristin was convinced that we would have to live with it until we could afford to replace it.  Krister suggested we have the carpet professionally cleaned before we replaced the whole thing.  Kristin was still skeptical but agreed to give it a go!

Check out the stains:

We made an appointment with Stanley Steemer.  (We don’t get any swag for mentioning our experience with Stanley Steemer – we just want to share our experience.)  Our expectations were low, but we were pleased by how easy it was to get an appointment.  We found some coupon codes online to keep the price reasonable.  We had the living rooom and stairs cleaned and protected.  When the team came out to do the work, they tried to add on some deoderizing treatment (some of our pet visitors had accidents on the carpet and the team thought it would smell after cleaning).  We declined, figuring that spraying some Febreze over the carpet would do the job just fine.

We moved all the furniture out of the room so they could clean every inch.  The team showed up in the middle of the arrival window.  We watched them clean (we’re so curious!).  It was really iimpressive.  We could literally see the stains disappear before our eyes.

So clean!

We weren’t allowed to move the furniture back on the carpet for 24 hours while it dried.  We really couldn’t believe how much we use the living room; we had such a hard time living upstairs.  Fortunately, we’re TV lovers so we had something to do!

Our rug looked as good as new afterwards – and it was so much cheaper than ditching the carpet and starting from scratch.  We’re glad we skipped the deoderizing treatment.  We did spray the carpet down with Febreze after the team left, but we don’t think that was really even necessary.  The rug had a slight musty smell for a couple hours after the treatment, but it disappeared.  All we’re left with is a mighty clean carpet.

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