Retaining Wall Update

Well, we warned you that our posts were going to be few and far between in our last post…  but his was a bit longer than we expected!  We’ve been so busy growing a sibling for Kasen and preparing fellowship applications for Krister (it seems like only yesterday he was applying for residency), and our jobs have been abnormally crazy this month too!  But we’ve made a little bit of progress on the retaining wall and we’ve got some fun projects up our sleeves for the next few months.  Now, without further ado…

The retaining wall!

We’re down to the far end, only 10-15 feet from the wall we will connect it to!  Of course, then we have to lay the flagstone (and throw a PARTY!).

We are also happy to report that the pachysandra is filling in nicely on the side we’ve already finished:

We’ll update you more as it grows (like Kristin’s belly is!).

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