Buzz, Buzz

We have been quiet over here on K&K, but don’t be fooled.  We’ve been busy little worker bees.  We have been laying stone and concrete every chance we get; we just aren’t updating you every day, becuase, frankly, watching us slowly build a wall isn’t worth a whole bunch of blog posts.  That said, we have made some significant progress since our last post:

We took down  one of the half-pots, which was very exciting:

We also uncovered some of the buried pachysandra, which is starting to perk up:

If you’re interested in how we share the work, here’s how we break it up.  Krister handles laying the stone in the wall and pouring the concrete.  Kristin backfills the wall with gravel and, when Kasen is awake, takes care of the little guy so his Daddy can work.  Kasen loves to watch from his window and yell “Hi Dada!”

Now, back to work!

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