Alpha Beta

Sometimes it’s the accessories in a room that really brings it together.  Each layer adds a little customization that makes a house feel home-ier.  We added two little touches to Kasen’s room that personalize his room a bit more: an alpha(bet) and a beta (fish).

Since it’s been a while since we’ve shown you a view of Kasen’s room from the door, here’s a refresher of how it looked yesterday:

On top of the already-awesome-looking room, we added two accessories to his reading nook: a framed alphabet picture and a pillow featuring a red beta fish.  Here’s what the reading nook looks like after the new additions:

The alphabet picture used to hang in Krister’s childhood bedroom and was passed down to Kasen.  The alphabet is comprised of colonial figures bending and contorting to look like each letter.

We like adding a few touches with family significance to balance out all of the new furniture.  Actually, the stuffed animals on Kasen’s built-in bookshelves are also from Kristin’s & Krister’s childhood.

But on to things new…

Kristin spotted this adorable beta fish pillow case at West Elm – on sale – and knew immediately that it would be perfect for Kasen’s chair.  Kasen’s room has a fish theme and is packed with bold colors, so a red betta fish was perfect.

West Elm actually has a number of different fish pillows.  All very cute.  All on sale.

(Picture courtesy of West Elm.  P.S. We don’t receive any incentives to advertise West Elm.  We just like this pillow and want to tell you about it.)

Now Kasen’s room has another layer of adorable cuteness.  We’re sure it won’t be the last layer either!

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