Two Years

Can you believe it?  We’ve been calling our house “Home, Sweet Home” for two whole years.  How lucky are we?  Look at this beautiful place:

We love everything about it – its proximity to parks and shopping and our jobs, our wonderful neighbors, the gardens….  you name it.  Did we mention the pretty gardens?

Although sometimes it feels like we’re always under construction, would you believe the projects we’ve completed since moving in?

  1. We kicked off our home improvement blitz with the baby’s room: after months of trying to remove wallpaper, we finally gave him new walls, moldings, and carpet.  We painted, brought in new furniture, and remodelled the closet just in time for his arrival.  And a mere year and a half later, we finally gave him his built-in cabinets for his toys.
  2. We overhauled the master bedroom, including a new ceiling (bye-bye popcorn!), crown moldings, a homemade headboard, flowing curtains, and some fun decorative details.
  3. The garage went from old school to super modern after we ripped out all the old shelving, painted the concrete walls, and applied epoxy flooring.
  4. We updated the kitchen and living room with fresh paint and crown moldings.  We brightened the space up with recessed lighting in the living room and cozied our dining area with a chandelier that casts beautiful shadows on our ceiling.  We also pulled the valence off of our picture window in the front, which brought in more beautiful sunlight (and an even better view of the front yard).
  5. We remediated the leak in the sunroom and added new furniture and a patio door, for easy access to the backyard.
  6. And we don’t want to forget everyone’s favorite project: Our Someday Patio!  We dug out all the dirt and have a partially assembled wall.  Progress indeed!

We can’t help but reminisce about all the great memories we’ve made in the house.  We’ve hosted countless holiday celebrations and parties here- our baby shower, Kasen’s first birthday party, and Kristin’s annual “Mimosas and Coffeecake” party, to name a few.  We brought Kasen home from the hospital to this house and caught Gigi stealing food from him almost everyday since then.

And, for an idea of how the house has changed over the last two years, here are a couple pictures showing our progress:

(You can see the status of any room by going to our website and clicking on the name of the room you want to see.) 

You must expect that we’re far from done, of course!  We haven’t even touched the laundry room, any of the three bathrooms, the exercise room, the laundry room, the guest room, or the basement.  And the rooms we have been working on are far from finished! 

We’ve got big plans for them over the next year and you know we’ll keep you posted.  We can’t wait to see what the next year brings us, but we’re sure that nothing will be the same on our next home-ownership anniversary in 2013.

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