What’s Flowering Now? (Second View, June Edition)

With June we get the beautiful blooms on the hydrangeas, which are extra vibrant this year thanks to some hefty fertilizing and adding a piece of rebar to the soil (the rust helps with the blue color):

And look how well the grass is doing after the flooding from a couple of weeks ago:

The ground covers around the mailbox are also filling in nicely, despite the road work being done on our street, which kicks up a lot of dust and dirt.  The wisteria has grown much farther up the lamp post too.  We can’t wait until it makes it up to the sign post.


Last, but certainly not least, a picture of our yard would not be the same without a picture of the stone deliveries we’ve been getting for our retaining wall out back, since this is a scene we’re getting quite used to these days! (Do pardon our cell phone/Instagram photo filter.)

Happy June everyone!

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