We see the light!

We see a much prettier light, now that we’ve actually paid some attention to our lamp post garden.

What did we do? We…

  • Weeded (a lot);
  • Filled in the empty space with some ground covers;
  • Planted a wisteria to grow up the lamp post;
  • Added a border to the lamp post garden with granite cobblestones;
  • Painted the sign post that attaches to the light post; and
  • Put up an awesome sign.

Here’s a before:

and After!

The sign was an awesome buy from The Freckled Owl Studio on Etsy.

The shop did an excellent job and even was willing to give us a beautiful double-sided sign to hang from the lamp post.  It’ll look even awesomer when the wisteria has grown up the lamp post more.  And it is growing fast!  Look at all the new growth:

And the wisteria will hopefully (f we trim it properly, according to this website) have beautiful purple flowers, which will match the purple flowers on the various ground covers that live at the bottom of the lamp post:

…and those ground covers look totally awesome with the granite cobblestones:

And a view from it as you drive up the street:

We love it!  Especially our lovely sign.  Have any of you scored anything extra awesome on Etsy recently?

One thought on “We see the light!

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