Our Second (Ever) Trip to Ikea.

Confession:  we’re just not that into you, Ikea.  Yes, your attractive furniture and low prices make us salivate when we peruse your online catalog, but at the end of the day, you’re just not our style.  (Frankly, we’re just too obsessed with products featuring details that cost a bit more, like dovetails and inlay.)

Even though we don’t like Ikea furniture, we do like their low-cost accessories.  We’re talking picture frames, planters, kitchen supplies.  So, on our second-ever trip to Ikea, we made our first-ever Ikea purchase.  Okay, purchaseS.  We bought a pitcher and some kid-friendly plates and…..

New art!  For $30!  We wanted it from the first moment we saw it.  (Gigi has always been a fan of Picasso’s dachshund.)

The room-view:

It’s a small change in a room that needs a lot of attention (side table, lamp, bureau, mirror), but it makes us happy.  Anyone else make any small improvements that left you with a big smile?

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