Erosion Happens.

But we’re building a wall to stop it!  We are building as fast as possible, but it’s tough to stay ahead of Mother Nature.

It doesn’t look like much, but we’ve been hard at work.  We’ve put down the first level of about 70% of the wall. We’ve also built up the middle a bit:

Although if you move out some more, it really looks like a construction zone!

Here’s what we’ve done:

  1. We filled the trench up a few inches with Modified 2A, which is a coarse stone that will allow drainage under the wall.
  2. We added a screening stone above the Modified.  The screening stone provides a flat surface for the wall to sit on.
  3. We started building up the wall!  This has involved literally placing the stone on the screening sand.  We’ve also been adding a bit of concrete between the stones and on top of them to keep them in place and extra strong.

With the stone on top:

And with a little concrete added:

Unfortunately, in the middle of the process, we hit a snag – another huge rainstorm hit.  The rain knocked down a few of our half-clay pots (a makeshift retaining wall that predates our ownership of the house) and eroded some of the future retaining wall.  It looked like this:

(Sorry for the cell phone picture – we have since resolved our technical issues!)

As you can see, we had a couple of the half-sized clay pots fall and lots of mud fill the trench.  Unfortunately, that mud was on top of the screening stone and modified.  We dug out as much as we could and replaced some of the stone.  And started building as fast as possible to prevent any more problems.

We staked out the straight areas by measuring equal distances from the house and tying a string across.  We found that our “straight area” wasn’t so straight when we measured it out, but fortunately we put up the lines before we layed any stone.

We’re also putting the occasional piece vertical, instead of flat, to give the wall a little more interest and size-variety.

Now we just have to keep on trucking.  Looks like we’re going to be stacking stone for a while.  Oh, but can we just show it to you again?  We’re so excited about the progress!


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