Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

On Tuesday night, our area was hit with some crazy weather.  We had a thunderstorm that basically just sat over our house for an hour.

We aren’t talking a plain jane radar with a few yellow cells and a tiny red one that passed overhead.  We are talking red for the whole hour with some spots that were darker than red.  We didn’t know that radar images had a color darker than red, but they do.  We heard a rumor that the hourly rate of rain over the two hours of storms was higher than during hurricane Irene last year.  Not surprisingly, we had to do a bit of storm cleanup after work last night and it will continue into the weekend. 

First, near the mailbox a slew of large rocks had accumulated.  The rainwater must’ve been running with some force to move such big rocks:

It also appears that our front yard turned into a flood plain.  All of our nicely growing new grass was buried under a few inches of debris.  Once we cleared everything up, we were just left with…  mud.

We also lost the retaining wall holding up the banks of our stream.  The retaining wall was made from heavy clay half-pots (they literally look like clay pots that have been cut in half).  The clay pots washed downstream.  The stream itself is now about two feet wider, which means we lost about two feet of the garden on the house-side of the stream.  In the picture below, we added a few white gridlines to show where the two feet of garden used to be:

Lastly, but cetainly not least, the storm dumped mud in our retaining-wall trench on our someday patio.  We’ll post pictures and more details on cleaning that mess up next week once we see the extent of the damage this weekend.   Looks like we have our work cut out for us!

PS: Sorry for the cell phone camera pics, we’re having equipment issues that should be resolved this weekend too.  Hopefully.

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