What can we say?  The weather is nice and we’re addicted to digging.  Just kidding.

Seriously though, we are ready to have a patio in place.  Beyond ready.  The good news is that the first load of materials for the SEVENTY-FIVE foot retaining wall is arriving today!  (We had to buy 14 pallets of stone – yikes!)

Before the stone arrived, we dug the trench where the crushed rock will go.  Adding crushed rock under the retaining wall helps with drainage and leveling, although it does seem silly to dig a hole and fill it up.  (Tangent: Does anyone else read “I’ll Teach My Dog a Lot of Words” to their child?  “The first six words I’ll teach my pup are dig a hole and fill it up.”)

We used a slightly different technique to dig the trench than we used on the rest of the area.  We broke the soil up with a mattock (like a double-sided ax) instead of a garden pry bar.

This picture shows the depth of the trench a bit better too (and this is in a shallow spot).  The depth of the trench ranges from about 8 inches to a foot deep.

Now we’re going to get back to counting down the minutes until we see our stone!  YAY!

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