This is a lead-free zone.

This post is also known as: “Other Uses for Chalkboard Paint” and “Making a Chalkboard for Our Toddler: Take 2.”

After our chalkboard fail a couple weeks ago (we found lead paint on the old door we planned to turn into a chalkboard, more details here), we solicited your feedback for ideas on alternate ways to use chalkboard paint.

We were overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas you all sent us.  A handful of the ideas included adding chalkboard paint to the following surfaces:

  1. The top of a table
  2. The glass pane in a picture frame or on a mirror
  3. The inside of a cabinet door
  4. Scrap wood (with the edges cleaned up and splinter-free of course)
  5. Platters or other dishes (this one is not toddler-friendly)
  6. A door, a section of a wall, or even a whole wall


Inspiration photos can be found here: (1) Chalkboard Tabletop; (2) Chalkboard Picture Frame ; (3) Chalkboard Mirror; (4) Chalkboard Made from Wood; (5) Chalkboard Platter; (6) Chalkboard Wall, picture courtesy of Remodelista.

At the end of the day, the solution that worked best for us was a a chalkboard door.

We picked a door and applied 3 coats of Rustoleum brand chalkboard paint.  (Confession: Kristin’s cousin has reminded us to add a disclaimer that her uncle works for Rustoleum, but we bought the paint at Home Depot like normal people and we decided to use that brand based on resarch, not familial connections.)  In accordance with the instructions, we waited 3 days for the paint to fully dry.  Then we “conditioned” it (i.e. rubbed chalk over the whole things) and wiped it down with a paper towel.  Ta-da, the chalkboard was done!

How do we like it?  Well, a picture says a thousand words (and 2 pictures must be worth 2,000 words, right?):

We are always happy when Kasen is happy (and busy drawing on his new chalkboard).  Chalkboard paint project is a success!


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