We hoped to have a post for all of you before the holiday, so you could use some of the crafts on your own holiday celebration.  Our theme was really spring-like and not too Easter-specific, so we’re giving it to you a few days late.  Hopefully you’ll still be able to use it for various spring celebrations and parties in the upcoming weeks.  Now, let’s get to it…

Our Easter decor was inspired by daffodils.


We also wanted to keep it simple, since we had a handful of guests staying the weekend and a lot of cooking to do.  We also wanted to give the porch (where we planned to eat) a natural but formal feel.  The porch has views of trees and shrubs and has a very forest-y feel.  Also, our table is very rustic; it’s rough-cut and has plenty of scratches (and paint splotches) from Kristin’s childhood.  To balance that out, we love to add a few really formal elements to our place settings.

Okay – the details.  For our Sunday dinner place setting, we got a tip from a friend about Martha Stewart’s slideshow of fun Easter crafts.  She has almost 60 crafts in the slideshow (originally found here).  Some were simpler than others, but we instantly fell in love with the Daffodil Candy Cups:

As you can see, the craft is pretty straight forward.  Cut out a flower and use double-sided tape to add a mini-baking cup.  Fill with jelly beans.  (Original tutorial -including a template – found here.)

For the flowers in the middle of the table, we just bought a not-very-attractive metal planter from Michaels – on sale! – spray-painted it white and stuck a few mini-daffodil plants (they’re still in the little plastic cups from the store).  We went outside and found some moss and just stuffed it on top of the pots and added some plastic Easter eggs.  And, if you’re wondering, yes, those Easter eggs have candy in them.  Our inspiration for that project came from here:

We obviously modified it a bit to make it a little more formal by using the glossy white color and iridescent colorful eggs.  The rustic pot on a rustic table just isn’t our thing.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a nice family brunch with Kristin’s Uncle Dan and Aunt Kathleen.  It was a bit chillier, so we ate inside.  Naturally, we also had another centerpiece, also daffodil-inspired, at our dining room table:

Here’s a close-up of that centerpiece:

This centerpiece was simple and super-inexpensive.  Here’s the materials we used:

  • Placemat
  • Various candlesticks
  • Plastic Easter eggs (and yes, they are stuffed with candy)
  • Large glass bowl
  • Large mason jar
  • Candy robin eggs (2 bags)
  • Yellow ribbon
  • Mini-daffodils
  • Branches from a fake forsythia branch

The only things we actually had to buy were the mini-daffodils ($1.99 each for two packs from Whole Foods) and the candy (lost the receipt, but probably about $2 each).  The branches were left over from our spring-themed wreath.

Speaking of our wreath, take a look at this beauty:

Another super-easy project.  We just used a little bit of wire to attach pieces of fake forsythia branch to a wreath base we picked up at Michaels.  Oh, and the reason we are refusing to give you a close up of the wreath?  A certian little baby played with it when we got home and now it is more of an oval than a circle.  But you can’t tell from this angle (and it’s subtle enough that we’re okay with leaving it up there).

That little baby, by the way, LOVED Easter.  Well, the Easter egg hunting anyway.  He probably participated in at least 5 egg hunts on Sunday.  He loved picking up the eggs and sticking them in his basket, although he didn’t really notice the food inside the eggs.

 We had a lovely Easter.  We hope you had a fantastic weekend as well.  Oh, and we accomplished a few more projects this weekend as well, including the commencement of digging season!

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