It’s Electrifying!

We’re fans of Grease Lightning, but we’re talking about real electricity.

We mentioned on Monday that we did more than just paint in our garage.  We’re sure you were dying to know all week what exactly we did after we painted.  The answer: we demo-ed the electrical!

What exactly does that mean?  It means we took down the light fixtures and the outlets and all the crazy wiring that was overhanging our cars.

Our plan is to temporarily cap off all the wiring and, once the ceiling beams are painted, we’ll add new wiring that runs on top of the beams, instead of under it.  We’ll also add more lighting and recess it between the beams, so it doesn’t get up in our cars’ space.

You can see how the lights hung down in this picture:

Okay, maybe you can’t tell.  Just trust us: we’re gaining 8+ inches of overhead space by replacing the lights.  Plus, by moving the outlets and wiring, we can remove some wooden planks that were also lowered into our workspace.  We’ll have to put some planks back in, but we’ll put them up in the rafters so that the ceiling feels higher.

Unfortunately that big PVC pipe will have to stay.  That PVC pipe is part of our radon remediation system.  We’re hoping that painting that to match the beams and the walls will help make it a little more invisible.

Did we mention how much we love how the garage is looking?  Here’s another view:

All that’s missing is Grease Lightning herself.

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