Just Put a Little Paint On It

And by “a little,” we mean 7 gallons.  That’s right…  SEVEN gallons of paint later, our garage is looking Awesome!

We cannot tell you how much awesomer it looks now than it did.  That right, awesomer.  It’s brighter and warmer and cleaner and cleaner and cleaner and cleaner…. did we mention cleaner?

In case you need a refresher on how it looked before:

And while that picture is worth a thousand words, it still doesn’t describe the improvement in the smell.  Before we put the sealer and paint up, the garage smelled mildewy and dusty.  Now it smells clean and new.

Of course, getting to that point wasn’t easy (is it ever?).  We ended up putting so.many.coats.of.paint on the parts of the wall that weren’t previously painted.  After we put a gallon of paint on the parts of the wall that weren’t previously painted, it still looked like this:

After a few more coats of paint and some Killz primer, we conceded that we would not get it to go away completely.  We think part of the problem is that the texture of the wall is going to be different no matter what we do simply because some sections had paint on them before.  But at this point, you can only tell the difference if you’re us and you’re looking very carefully:

Can’t see it?  Next to the window?  What if you look really hard?  Cross your eyes?  Turn your computer sideways?  No?  (Even if you can totally see it, please lie to us because we can’t afford to buy more paint.  And we’re really tired of painting that damn garage.)

Oh, and did you notice?  We started painting the ceiling beams.  We wanted to get that done before we refinish the floor – no need to get overspray on the new floor!

Can you tell what else we did?  Feel free to bring on the guesses — we’ll post about the next step we finished in a couple of days…. (don’t you hate it when we give you teasers like that???)

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