Let’s Waterproof This Bad Boy

We debated for a while about how we wanted to treat the garage walls – like regular interior walls or outdoor walls?  Well, when we were power washing the walls (and saw loads of mold peeling off the walls and falling to the floor) we made our decision: outdoor.

We realized we wanted to be able to get into the garage and spray the walls down when they get gross.  That means, of course, waterproofing.  Kristin’s dad did the legwork for us there.  He found a sealer that was perfect for us (we didn’t even shop around once Kristin’s dad sent us the info for the product).

That product?  Super Spec HP (Clear Acrylic Sealer P27) by Benjamin Moore.

While Kristin’s dad was convincing us to get the garage sealed, he also convinced us that we needed a paint gun.  We thought they were out of reach (too expensive since we don’t have an air compressor – which we really want to buy though), but we ended up picking up the Wagner PowerPainter Plus.  We’re glad we did too; we tried putting that sealer up in a test area with a roller and it was very difficult to get it into the cracks and dimples of the concrete block.  The paint gun was super easy to use and made everything fast and easy.

We sprayed the sealer on the entire garage – the garage door, the electrical wires, the wood, the brick, the concrete.  The only thing we skipped were the windows, but we didn’t even bother being careful with them by taping them up or anything.  We just haphazardly wiped up the excess that got sprayed on the glass.

The “after” picture is not impressive (because the sealer is clear, so it should look exactly the same) but we are going to give it to  you anyway:

The sealer basically created a plastic cover over the whole garage.  We do not have that musty smell any more and the garage seems much cleaner.

But we are not done yet!  Next we will put up paint.  We will redo the floors and then add shelving.  So exciting to be making forward progress…

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