Filling in the Gaps

As you might recall from our last post, we had some major holes in the concrete walls after our garage demo.

We had a boatload of holes to fill in.  We tried two different compounds to fill the holes:

The big bucket (the stuff on the left) has to be mixed, while the small bucket is pre-mixed.  Our plan was to put the pre-mixed patching material in as many of the cracks and holes as possible and then use the stuff from the big bucket for the sections that needed a lot of fill.

 We discovered that the pre-mixed patching material only worked for the really small holes (the holes from the nails that came out smoothly) and the big bucket had to be used for most of it.  For the small holes, we just shoved a bunch of the patching compound into the holes with a putty knife and let it dry overnight.

For one of the bigger holes (the one we showed on the top of the page), the pre-mixed patching compound didn’t dry.  That was our clue (slap in the face?) that the pre-mixed stuff didn’t cut it with the bigger holes, like the one in the picture above.  Actually the picture above had to be scraped out and refilled.

Not that it mattered, we are in love with the powdered stuff in the big bucket.  That stuff works amazingly.  You just put some powder in the bucket and add water.  With respect to the right consistency, we added as much water as we could.  We wanted the patching material to be spreadable (not dripping) but we also didn’t want it to dry out faster than we could apply it (which was a real problem).  This came out to being a little more watery than toothpaste.


And we used a putty knife to put it in that stubborn hole (fast, before it dried up)…

…and everywhere else.


We ditched the putty knife for the big sections and just used our hands (usually with gloves, but apparently Krister skipped the gloves for this pic).  We just tried to smooth out the wall as much as possible.  There were a lot of holes from various concrete patching jobs over the years.

Naturally, a couple days later we saw on Holmes on Homes that we were supposed to put down some sort of primer before adding the new concrete.  We had read that we didn’t need to do that, but I guess at this point, only time will tell.

Oh, and guess what?  We’re painting today so expect more posts about the garage soon!

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