A Jump Start on Spring

With the beautiful weather we had last weekend, we got a head start on our lawn.  Believe it or not, this is what we get excited about when it’s warm outside.

First, Krister blew the leaves off the lawn:

Next, we put down some dirt and grass seed:

We also put down some lime.  Our hope is that the lime will counteract the decomposing leaves (and dog pee) on the lawn.  Just as fair warning to all of you taking care of your lawns – the lime will get caught in little dog paws and make a mess in the house.  We have been taking little Gigi all the way out to the far stretches of our lawn so that we could avoid that issue.  We finally got some rain though, so maybe that will help.

We are pumped that we got this yard work started early this year.  Last year, we were so busy with the baby that we did not have a chance to start on the lawn until late in the season.  The year before, we moved into the house mid-summer, so we had no chance to work on the lawn.  We hope that the jump start will make a difference come later in the summer!

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