There’s Nothing Left.

Imagine Whoville on Christmas Eve after the Grinch plowed through Cindy Lou Who’s house.  That’s what our garage looks like now.  All that’s left are a few hanging wires (don’t worry, we’re planning on fixing up the electrical out there so we don’t have any more of those either).

Here’s how the garage looks without all the old shelves and the pegboard:

Immediately before that scene of emptiness was total chaos:

We destroyed everything.  We used a crowbar, an ax, and power tools.  And feet and aggression.  Just the usual demo aggression was not enough – we needed extra umph to get through this one.  The garage shelves and pegboard was built-to-last.  We’re talking everything was assembled so tightly together that it wouldn’t come apart ever.  For example, there were approximately a million nails connecting joints that didn’t bear any weight.  Nail mania.

Yes, that piece of wood – which actually had more than the five nails that you can see in the picture – was purely decorative.

Not surprisingly, the peg board was also attached with a million nails.  And the nails holding up the peg board were installed so deeply in the cement that we could not get them out.

We ended up investing in an extra large crowbar, which was literally the only way we could pry those suckers out.

Unfortunately, when we plucked out the nails with our giant crowbar, we brought huge chunks of concrete with us:

We took all of the old windows and doors that were stored in the rafters out to the Habitat for Humanity Restore (but darn it, they wouldn’t take them).  Then we powerwashed the walls:

Now the garage is so open and clean.  We’re really happy.  When we pull into the garage and see how clean it is, we will be even more excited to be home.

Next up, we’ve got to fill in the holes and then it’s painting time!

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