Our Next Project: the Garage

We had a busy January on the blog and, as you might have noticed, we took a week off from house projects to start off February.  We split to sunny Florida and focused on our (paying) jobs for a few days while we recovered from January’s major clean-up.  But now we’re rested and ready to take on a new project: the garage.

We’ve been looking to upgrade our garage since we moved in and have actually already taken some steps to make it better.  We went from having room for only one car to being able to fit both.  We even got rid of a handful of large cabinets.  But now it’s time for the major overhaul.

Here’s what the garage looks like right now:

We obviously still need to be able to store all of our lawn and garden equipment (e.g. lawn mower, leaf blower, ladder) and our DIY equipment (e.g. the cement mixer we’re borrowing from Krister’s folks for the someday patio) and car-guy tools (e.g. wrenches, garage vac, spare set of tires).  Creativity is the name of the game in this garage remodel.

Here’s what we’re not digging about our current garage: the giant storage cabinet that takes up half the garage.  We’re talking about that huge brown thing on the right side of the garage in the picture above.  That’s really what we can’t handle any more.  It takes up a lot of space and it isn’t easy to access its contents.

So, we spent a decent amount of time this weekend planning our ideal garage space.  Here’s our agenda, in no particular order:

  • Paint the walls.  They’re white right now, but the paint is really worn and dirty.  They need to be brightened up a bit.
  • Refinish the floor.  Kristin’s dad just refinished his garage floor with an epoxy paint.  We’re leaning toward doing that as well, but we’re not 100% sure what we’re going to do yet.
  • Move the hanging tools.  You can’t see it in the picture above, but next to the window on the right side is a large peg board with the shovels, axes, brooms, etc. hanging from it.  We want to move that to the opposite side of the garage, where there is more room, to make parking more spacious.
  • Remove all of the existing shelving.  The current shelving is made of old wine crates (among other things, as we discovered during our Get Out of Our Garage! clean-up) and wood paneling left over from projects inside the house.
  • Add new (stronger) shelving that can hold our heavier equipment while giving us more garage space.
  • Clean out the rafters.  There’s a lot of stuff up there and we have no idea what any of it is.
  • Build in a work bench.
  • Find space to incorporate our bicycles so they can be in the garage… and out of our basement.
  • Fix the door to the greenhouse.  Right now it only opens with the assistance of a log-splitting wedge.  Don’t ask.
  • Install brighter overhead lights.  The lights we have don’t predictably work.

We’ll probably find some more projects to tackle as we go, but that’s what we’ve identified so far.

We plotted out a very rough (and hap-hazard) sketch of how we want the back wall to look when we’re done.

(The garage was sketched up using Gladiator Garage‘s website.)  Our door actually is elevated like that and those shelves are a mess.  But you – hopefully – get the idea.  We’ll have the lawnmower and other large equipment on the right side where the huge wooden cabinet is right now.  We’ll put a work bench next to it, with lots of small tool storage built in.  Then we’ll hang the bikes (hopefully) on the far left side, next to the door leading out to the greenhouse.

Stay tuned as we embark on this project!  We’re hoping that it looks better than our sketch…

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