Get Out of Our House! Challenge: A Recap

The second most fun part of the Get Out of Our House! Challenge was looking at how our statistics totaled.  (The most fun part is having less stuff in our house.)  Here’s how the stuff looked before our charity came and picked it up:

We had to have it out of our house by 7am on a rainy day, so it’s kind of dark and, well, rainy.  But still, that’s a big pile of stuff!  We’d say it was about 2 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 4 feet deep. 

In the end, after a full month of cleaning, here’s what we Got Out of Our House! during the Challenge:

  • Donated: 270
  • Disposed: 73
  • Recycled: 85
  • Repurposed: 7
  • Relocated: 62
  • Stored: 35
  • Earned: $129.89 (WHOA!)

Here’s a complete list of the spaces we cleaned up:

  • Week 1: Coat closet, basement, pantry, media cabinet, kitchen wrap drawer, kitchen shelf, plasticware drawer
  • Week 2: Pots-and-pans drawer, junk drawer, laundry room, laundry room closet, baby toy tub, baby’s dresser, top shelves in the baby’s closet
  • Week 3: Bottom shelves of the baby’s closet, baby stuff in the kitchen, kitchen utensil drawer, Christmas storage, bedroom closet, bedroom bureau, bedroom nightstand
  • Week 4: Cedar chest, guest room book shelf, garage (for 3 days), guest room closet, top of kitchen pantry
  • Week 5 (only 2 days): under the kitchen sink, basement closet

Having moved into our house 18 months ago, we had enough experience in our new house to know where we wanted to keep things.  The timing of the Challenge was perfect because we didn’t actually need/want some things we kept when we moved into our house a year and a half ago.   We wouldn’t have had the same perspective if we had done the Challenge at a different time.

The Challenge itself was just that: a challenge.  It started off easy.  We targeted spaces that had been annoying us for a while, but then, we had to start looking harder.  You can tell that towards the end (cough-the4thweek-cough) that we were running out of places to clean up.  We are so glad we pushed ourselves to find spaces though, because we really ended up cleaning a lot of stuff out of the house.

We really feel the difference.  It’s like an invisible weight is lifted off you – so many extra shelves!  Our favorite clean ups were the garage, the basement closet, the laundry room, and coat closet.  Those spaces we use every day so every day we’re reminded about how much better it feels to have clean spaces!  We also can’t believe how much money we recovered.  I mean, $130 is not too shabby for a month’s work…. um, then again, maybe we should keep our day jobs.

Phew!  Now that’s a great way to start 2012…  so fresh and so clean, clean…

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