Get Out of Our House Challenge: Grand Finale

We went big for our last day of the Challenge: our basement closet.  It was crammed and we couldn’t find anything in there.  It was in desperate need of a cleanup.  Here’s the before and after:



This was a great cleanup (do we say that about all of them??).  We go into this closet on a daily basis for one thing or another and it was getting so packed with stuff that we couldn’t get in there if we needed something.  Now there is space to move around easily.  Plus, there is shelf space if we need to move something down there.  It’s great.  So open and airy and spacious.

You’ll also see that we added a bunch of basket organization in the back.  We grabbed those baskets from around the house.  We even used some of Gigi’s former toy baskets to help keep things organized.  We did that in several spaces (our favorite new baskets are in the coat closet).  The baskets make things look and feel a lot more organized, without actually having to keep them that way.  It’s so easy to just throw things into the baskets and conceal the mess.


  • Recycled: 15 (cardboard boxes)
  • Relocated: 6 (inflatable bed, air pump, candles)
  • Repurposed: 1 (we used a scrap piece of rug pad in our kitchen)
  • Donated: 15 (bag, sports supplies, bath curtain, handheld toy)
  • Earned: $28.49 (we found an unopened air mattress left over from our baby shower that we were able to return to Target for a gift card)

So that’s it!  We got so much stuff out of our house…  we’ll be give you a recap tomorrow, including some pictures of mound of stuff we got out of our house.  Let’s just say, you’ll be impressed. Well, maybe, if that kind of thing impresses you.  And if you’re easily impressed.

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