Get Out of Our House! Challenge: Week 3

It’s week 3 of the Get Out of Our House! Challenge and we’re still going strong.  Our “to be donated” pile is turning into an unweildy beast.  Every week our trash bins are overflowing.  We’re getting so much stuff Out of Our House!

Here’s the day-to-day breakdown of the messes we tackled this week:

  • Day 17: Kitchen utensil drawer
  • Day 18: Christmas storage
  • Day 19: Bedroom closet
  • Day 20: Bedroom bureau
  • Day 21: Bedroom nightstand (that we use as a bureau)
  • Day 22: Cedar chest in bedroom
  • Day 23: Guest room bookshelf

The highlights from this week were our bedroom closet and our kitchen utensil drawer.  We didn’t even take pictures of the other spaces because we knew you wouldn’t be able to see the difference…  but it feeeeeeels so much better!

(Gotta love how we have clothes strewn everywhere and aren’t ashamed to admit it.  Clothes are literally falling off the shelf because there wasn’t enough space.)

(Isn’t it interesting how different the colors look in the two pictures?  Clearly, we need to get a better understanding of how to take pictures…  The “after” picture is more like how the cabinets look in real life.)


  • Donated: 113 (kitchen utencils, dishtowels, clothes, purses, air mattresses, pillows, sheets, quilt, some books)
  • Relocated: 17 (clothes, kitchen utencils that we were able to move into the drawer we opened up during our laundry room closet cleanup)
  • Stored: 11 (sentimental clothing items)
  • Disposed: 1 (a bag of miscellaneous trash)

We can’t believe how big that donation total got this week!  113 items in one week???  Crazy.  You should see the pile of things we are prepared to donate.  It’s HUGE.  Photos coming when we’re done!

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