Get Out of Our Baby’s Room!

For days 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 (whew!), we focused our clean-up efforts on the baby’s stuff.  He’s got a lot of it.

Here’s the day-to-day breakdown:

  • Day 12: Baby toy tub (i.e. where we stuff all of the baby’s toys after he goes to bed)
  • Day 13: Baby’s dresser
  • Day 14-15: Baby’s closet (for the 14th, we did the top half for the 15th day we did the bottom half)
  • Day 16: Baby stuff we keep in the kitchen (e.g. bibs, etc.)

The highlight of our before/after pics was definitely the baby’s closet!


  • Stored: 17 (5 toys, 4 gallon-sized bags of clothes, Peapod, outgrown hats/socks)
  • Relocated: 4 (winter hats and gloves)
  • Donated: 22 (leftovers from our Spain trip and 19 bibs… we decided not to hold onto most of the bibs because they get so gross and the velcro stops working; we just kept the ones that were special)

We can’t believe we’re over half-way through the Challenge!  (For those of you who are just tuning in, a complete description of the Get Out of Our House! Challenge is available here.)  We also can’t believe how many storage bins we have in our crawl space with baby paraphernalia in it.  It’s like a maze down there…

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