Details, details

We have been having fun adding some details to our bedroom. Way back when we moved in, our master bedroom looked like this:

Last time you saw it, our bedroom looked like this:

Now, our bedroom looks like this:

So many new details to tell you about.  The new details include:

  1. Our new Christmas-present pillows.
  2. Our new yellow-and-grey pillow!  We. Love. It. (more photos below)
  3. We DIYed a headboard.  It looks awesome and makes the room look a lot more finished.  (How-to details forthcoming.)
  4. A storage ottoman that we originally bought for the living room, but started using it as a nightstand instead.  We love that it’s still empty so we have room to grow. (We picked it up from Target for $25. Score.)
  5. We covered our old comforter, which features a green floral pattern, with a new duvet cover.  We love our comforter – it always keeps us just the right temperature.  The new duvet lets us keep using it but updates it to fit our new decor.

Oh, and we added a bunch of new details to the cedar chest next to our bed:

The silvery round mat in the middle is actually a placemat we picked up at Crate & Barrel for our Christmas-themed table centerpiece.  We knew when we bought it that it would have a final home in our bedroom.  The necklace tree was a gift from Kristin’s dad & stepmom a couple years ago.  It looks really neat when the curtains are closed (which is the norm):

The “J” we got for Christmas is also pretty awesome against the closed curtain.  We just love the whole thing.  It’s a great setting for Kristin to get ready for work in the morning.  The little grey heart was an Etsy find (imported from Turkey), the yellow bowl is from West Elm, and the vase was Krister’s Christmas present for Kristin.

Now, back to the star of the show: our new yellow-and-grey pillow!

We’re obsessed.  It’s absolutely perfect.  We love everything about it.

Our next step in the bedroom is crown molding.  We’re also starting to think about whether we will build a bureau and a nightstand for the room.  We will also mount the television and put up some pictures at some point.  So much to do when all we want to do is cuddle up in our comfy bed….

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