Get Out of Our Laundry Room! (Part 2)

Walking into our laundry room is a dream now, thanks to yesterday’s big clean-up.  We wanted to keep the momentum going by cleaning out the laundry room closet for Day 11 of the Get Out of Our House! Challenge.



Look!  We’ve gained a shelf again…  maybe it’ll come in handy when we clean out the garage.  (We’re also still showing you blurry photos – we’re going to have to figure out what’s going on.  Probably a setting on the camera.  Sorry!)


  • Donated: 13 (including a huge bag of plastic cups and an equally huge bag of paper plates)
  • Relocated: 6 (moved our plastic drop cloth into our paint supplies cabinet and cleared out enough space to move the extra parts to our kitchen appliances INTO the closet and out of our kitchen)
  • Repurposed (hopefully): 2 (rope with about 25 clothespins on it and a bag with 15 containers of bubbles in it)

So….  does anyone have any suggestions on projects that involve clothespins and/or bubbles??

PS: We’re going to take a break from posting about the Challenge to tackle several small spaces with baby storage and give them to you in one post, like we did with the kitchen drawers here.

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