Get Out of Our Laundry Room!

Day 10 of the Get Out of Our House!  Challenge.  It’s a big day; we’re 1/3 of the way finished with the challenge.  To commemorate the occassion, we went for a big clean up…  The Laundry Room.  We know, the laundry room seems like it shouldn’t be the store-everything space, but for us it is.  We have all of our tools, automotive supplies, laundry, and some general housekeeping stuff in there.  Or we did….




  • Disposed: 27 (mostly paint supplies, but this includes 2 very full bags of trash)
  • Recycled: 50 (grocery bags.  okay, maybe estimating “50” is a bit dramatic when you’re talking about plastic grocery bags, but it makes us feel better, so we’re going to do it anyway)
  • Donated: 12 (outlet covers, baby proofing supplies, surge protectors)
  • Earned: $49.90 (returned unused light bulbs and junction box to Home Depot; automotive tools to Pepboys)

We love how many of these clean-ups are turning into money in our pocket.  We totally forgot we had bags of stuff to return, so they would’ve probably sat there forever if we hadn’t cleaned up.  Now, not only do we feel excited about how clean things are when we walk into the laundry room, but we also feel good when we see those returns on the credit card!

Oh, see all of that equipment behind the workbench?  Someday when we update the laundry room, we are hoping to close that equipment off (but still keep it accessible in case we need to replace anything).  For now, it’s just going to have to be a rustic look….  Gigi likes it better this way because she can hunt dead bugs back there.  That’s right: hunt dead bugs.  It happens.

2 thoughts on “Get Out of Our Laundry Room!

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