Get Out of Our Kitchen!

We’re still moving on the Get Out of Our House Challenge!  For days 5, 6, 7, and 8, we cleaned out drawers in the kitchen.

We cleaned up our Kitchen Wrap Drawer:

We cleaned up a Kitchen Shelf (no “before” sorry!):

We cleaned up our Plasticware Drawer:

And finally, we cleaned up our Pots-and-Pans Drawer:


  • Donated: 6 (cutting board, pan, steamer, pot…  etc.)
  • Disposed: 2 (toothpicks and plasticware)

The statistics are pretty weak, admittedly.  But we tackled parts of the kitchen that we use a lot and discovered that we actually do use all of the contents of the drawers, etc.  We are also getting to a point where we’re not sure what to do next.  We feel like we got a lot of junk cleaned out, so we have to get a little more creative about spaces that are available to clean up.  We’re sure we’ll find plenty of spaces, it’s just a matter of identifying them.  Well, we also are avoiding some big spaces so maybe we’ll just have to dive in and get a couple more basement-sized clean-ups going again.

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