Get Out of Our Media Cabinet!

For Day 4, we cleaned out our media cabinet.  It’s funny how many DVDs we own considering that we never watch them!  Don’t get us wrong, we love to watch movies.  We just usually watch the latest Netflix arrival or whatever is showing on cable.  What’s even funnier is how hard it was to find a movie that we were willing to get rid of!  Overall, we did a great job of asking ourselves “do we really want these movies enough to give them so much living room real estate?”

BEFORE (left side):


BEFORE (right side):


AFTER (left side):


AFTER (right side):



  • Donated: 20 (movies)

Those 20 movies cleared out enough space that we were able to put Kasen’s toys inside the cabinet (and take them off the floor).  He enjoyed opening that cabinet and throwing all the DVDs on the floor anyway, but this way, he’ll open the cabinet and play with his own (baby-friendly) toys and we can stop worrying about whether he’s going to bite some plastic off of a DVD cover or snap a DVD in half.  All-in-all, this was another successful clean up!!

For the next few days, we’re going to tackle drawers in our kitchen.  Instead of going through them one by one for you, we’re going to save them up and post a summary early next week.  We’re hoping to have some bedroom updates for you next week too!

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