Get Out of Our Pantry!

For Day 3 of the “Get Out of Our House” Challenge, we attacked our pantry.  (Click here for Day 1 and Day 2.)

Gotta love how we planned to do a small clean-up today since we’re back to work, but somehow, we couldn’t help ourselves and went for a big project again.  It actually didn’t take too long (about an hour) and made a big difference in our everyday lives.

This reorganization was necessary since Kasen is getting old enough and tall enough (finally!) that he can open the cabinet doors.  We needed to make sure that the accessible part of the pantry was baby-friendly (i.e. full of Kasen’s favorite foods).  We’re only going to show you the photos of the center cabinet, because the before-and-afters of the side cabinets look pretty much the same….  stuffed with food, much like our bellies after the holidays.



The stats:

  • Donated: 25 (16 food items and 9 food storage containers)
  • Disposed: 13 (expired, uneaten, what-were-we-thinking food items)
  • Reclaimed: 1 shelf
  • Protected from himself: 1 baby

This clean-up made us feel great.  Actually, the Challenge as a whole is making us really happy.  We didn’t realize how much the disorganization and clutter was stressing us out, but the purging makes us really happy.  It’s nice to have some extra space.  Now, to keep them that way…

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