The Story of the Yellow and Grey Pillow

As you know, our bedroom is grey.  Well, Kristin wants to integrate a little pale yellow (the color that prevails through the rest of the house) into our bedroom.   And that brings us to a story about how we came to order a custom yellow-and-grey pillow.


(Fair warning: we might be overselling this story.)

Kristin was looking for DIY ornament projects and stumbled on the “Scrappy Ornament” that she recreated (full story here).  While she was on the Sew To Speak blog, she noticed a picture of a yellow and grey pillow:

(Original image from Sew To Speak blog, found here.)

The one we are obsessed with is the second one from the right, because it has the yellow, grey, black, and off-white fabrics that we have all over our bedroom.  Since the Sew to Speak blog mentioned that the fabric was from Dear Stella, we contacted her and asked to buy the pillow from her directly.

Dear Stella emailed immediately (she was super sweet) and told us that it was her only pillow and that she needed it for trade shows, like the Quilt Market, where Sew To Speak picked it up.  She directed us to the Etsy seller who made it for her originally: Warm Fuzzies.

Kristin sent Warm Fuzzies a message on Etsy immediately.  Warm Fuzzies, who was also awesome, had just enough fabric left over to make us a replica of Dear Stella’s pillow.  She agreed to customize a pillow cover for us with the fabric we wanted.  We couldn’t be more excited.

We are planning to integrate the pillow with the three we got for Christmas this year on our bed (details here).  We can’t wait to show it to you when it arrives!  Of course, none of it will look perfect until we have our headboard in place, so stay tuned…

PS: We’re not getting paid to mention the products above.  We just like them and want to share them with you.

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