Tis the Season for Crafting (Christmas ornaments)

To spruce up the tree, we made a few Christmas ornaments.

The first, which was incredibly easy, just consisted of shoving some garland into a clear, plastic ball ornament.  We made about a dozen of them and have been loving them for a few weeks now:

…and on the tree:


Literally, the crafting time for that ornament was about 5 minutes for a dozen.  Big impact, low budget (we snagged all of the materials from Michaels with Black-Friday discounts).

The second type of Christmas ornament we made was likewise cheap and easy.  We just Mod Podged some old scrap fabrics to a clear plastic ball ornament.  The end (detailed instructions and inspiration found here).  Here’s how it turned out:

So that’s it!  Now it’s time to sit back and get excited about opening presents tomorrow!

One thought on “Tis the Season for Crafting (Christmas ornaments)

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