Deck the House with Boughs of Holly

We decorated our house for the holidays!

Last year was technically our first Christmas in our new house, but seeing as little Kasen was born on December 12th, very little decorating was done by very-pregnant Kristin or I-am-exhausted-from-picking-up-very-pregnant-Kristin’s-slack Krister.  Of course, this year, our budget is trim so we only added a few modest updates to last year’s decorating that we wanted to share with you.

Last year, we had a few sparse decorations in the front yard – two multicolored Christmas trees near the creek and a garland with a red ribbon around our mailbox.  This year, we added white lights to the fences on either side of the driveway and red-and-white lights to a tree on the other side of the yard.  We have mixed feelings about mixing-and-matching the cool white with warm white lights, but we didn’t have any choice – that was all that was left to buy in late November!  All of our stores were sold out of Christmas lights already.  Lame.  We weren’t even able to buy enough of the red-and-white lights (which is painfully obvious in the photo below).  Nonetheless, we have significantly increased (tripled?) the number of Christmas lights we own, and that makes us feel happy.  So does the nextdoor neighbor’s Santa Penguin.

In the picture window, we have a light ball, which is one of Kristin’s favorite Christmas decoration.  Up close, it’s a multicolored beauty, but from a distance, it’s a glowing ball of fire:

Inside, we moved our Christmas tree onto the porch.  We need to baby-proof our tree and the only way we could reasonably do that was to keep a door between the tree and the baby.  Otherwise, the little guy might end up with a tree on top of him.  Next year, we hope to coordinate our tree with the house more, instead of just a mix-n-matched, we-threw-it-together look.  We did re-use the ribbon from Kasen’s birthday party last week to add a little color to it.

The ribbon on the tree looks a bit haphazard in that picture, but it looks really nice up close.

(How cute is that seahorse from Kasen’s birthday last year?  So. Cute.)  You can see how the ribbon garland adds a bit of fun and color into the tree.  Plus, we had it lying around from Kasen’s birthday so we thought we’d integrate it to our holiday decor.

We also transformed Kasen’s birthday “1”, which was made out of photographs, into a Christmas decoration.  We just reorganized them into the shape of a Christmas tree and added some ribbon “ornaments”:

So that’s how our house looks, now that it’s ready for Christmas.  Actually, there are a few other touches, like stockings, etc. that we failed to photograph (sorry).  The house really puts us in the Christmas spirit ….  and so does looking at all those presents we can open in 5 days (but who’s counting?).

Merry Christmas!

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