Because you(r baby) only turns 1 once

Our baby is one year old TODAY!  We threw a party.  It was awesome …  a low key, intimate affair.  Sure, we know that this post sounds a bit like it belongs on our family blog, but we thought we’d show you how we decorated our living room for the big party.  You could say it was a Pinterest-inspired party, because all of the decorations, were, well, inspired by pictures we found on Pinterest.

Here are the highlights:

When you first walk up to the house, you see a wreath made of deflated balloons (inspiration).

After you open the door, you see a huge number “1” made of Kasen’s pictures from the year (inspiration). 
We’re hoping to continue this as a tradition through the years.

We put his monthly pictures in sequence on the wall.  He’s grown so much!

We turned his pack-n-play into a ball pit. 
All of the kids enjoyed banging the balls together and throwing them out of the pit.

We took the ottoman out of the living room and turned it into a play room!  Kasen let all of the other kids play with his toys
(he hasn’t learned how to say “mine!” yet, phew).

To keep the kids busy, we had bubbles out (inspiration) and gave everyone goodie bags with toys inside! 
The goodie bags were simple white bags from Michael’s with scrapbooking stickers and curling ribbon tied on top.

Kasen wasn’t a huge fan of the cake (“what is this stuff stuck to my hands!?!”).  We decorated his chair with a fabric square from Joann (safety pinned to the fabric of his high chair) and tied some curling ribbon to the safety pins.

We also tied ribbon to the bottom of his high chair and on string around the pack-n-play (inspiration).  We expected the kids to pull on it and poke at it, but they focused on pulling and poking Gigi instead (she’s such a tolerant puppy!).

And Kasen’s favorite part of the day wasn’t in party-central; it was in his bedroom!  We surprised him with balloons covering the floor.  He was surprised when he woke up and every time he went into his room, he wanted to play with the balloons on the floor.  (inspiration)  We hope to keep this one up over the years too.



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