Master Bedroom: The ceiling is done!

Let’s get straight to the point.  We painted the walls and the trim, changed out the curtains, removed the popcorn ceilings, updated and relocated the ceiling fan, and installed recessed lights.  Now, here’s our master bedroom’s before-and-after photos (so far):

We’re not sure it comes across in the photos, but the room feels significantly larger.  As in, now our furniture is lost in the room.  At night time, with the improved lighting, the room feels like it has doubled in size.

We’ve obviously been hard at work since the last time we updated you.  Last time we posted, we had spackled the ceiling:

Once the sanding was over (we hate sanding… so messy!), we painted the ceiling Benjamin Moore’s White Chocolate to match the rest of the house.

(In the picture, a shadow makes the ceiling look like there is an imperfection crossing the ceilng- but it’s just a shadow since we were using a work light.)

We swapped out the bedroom outlets.  We learned that our bedroom’s electricity is on not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but FIVE circuits.  Half the power to our house was turned off for this process:

We love how updating the outlets is as easy as using a screwdriver on a couple of screws, but makes the room feel much cleaner.  Such an easy project with a not-insignificant impact.

Krister installed the ceiling fan back in (check out our ceiling fan update here):

We love how the color blends in with the ceiling.  It makes the fan very subtle and less intrusive.  Before we painted the fan, it felt like a focal point in the room, which we were not fond of.  It also felt like it weighed down the ceiling, which was something we were particularly not happy with in light of the size of the room.

Then, Krister wired the overhead lighting by splitting the power to the ceiling fan and putting it on a separate switch.  Then he installed the overhead lights themselves by cutting the holes in the ceiling, screwing down the light housing units, and popping in the trim.  We picked a trim for the lights that matched the trim we used in the living room and a unit that had special fire protection (can’t be too safe).  You may recall that we roughed out the holes for the lights before we fixed the textured ceiling, so that we could avoid cutting the holes in the wrong places.  Well, easier said than done.  We still managed to cut two of the holes wrong, which meant that we had to add a little drywall, spackle, sand, and paint the holes.  We also had to drywall, spackle, sand, and paint to the left of the light switch.  When Krister removed the old light switch to rewire the lights and fan, he discovered that the box containing the old light switch had a flap that was screwed into a stud – in order to get it all out, he had to cut out some more drywall (sorry, no pictures!).  So, some unexpectd drywall, sand, spackle, and paint later, we had a pretty ceiling and light switch again.

We are obsessed with dimmers (we’ve installed them in every room of the house, seriously).  Do you see how compulsive Krister is?  He turned the screws on the face plate so that they are all parallel.  Every face plate we’ve installed in our house has the screws facing parallel, no joke.

Then we brought the furniture back in, including a new quilt!  Kristin loves the quilt and actually bought it a month or two ago on sale from West Elm.  We have lots of plans for decorating the bedroom now that our basics are set and we’ll keep you posted about beds, bureaus, night stands, pictures, lamps….  the list goes on.  We still have a few reno projects to do as well  (we’ll install crown molding, for one).

Here is an updated to-do list for the bedroom:

  1. Make sure the drywall is screwed into the studs. Right now, we put the drywall into the ceiling along the edges of the drywall.  To make it extra strong, we want to make sure a few screws go through the ceiling studs.  Done.
  2. Rough out the holes for the recessed lights and the ceiling fan.  We’re going to do that before applying the joint compound so that we don’t spackle in areas that will be cut out of the ceiling.  We’re not going to rough out the hole for the future chandelier until we find a chandelier that we like because we’re not sure how big the hole will need to be for the chandelier until we buy it.  We decided to wait until after we apply the joint compound (aka sand and spackle).  Done.
  3. Spackle, spackle, spackle.  Krister is a compulsive spackler so this step will take awhile.  We’re hoping it won’t take too long though because we need to move back into our bedroom before the holidays since we have guests visiting.  We can’t sleep in the guest room forever!  Well, as you’ll see below, we started spackling already.  We also pulled up the plastic and moved back into our bedroom because Krister’s sister Prudence came to watch Kasen over the weekend.  We weren’t all going to sleep in one bed, so we moved back into our bed.  The plastic will go back up tonight or tomorrow so we can get back to work.  Done.
  4. Paint the ceiling Benjamin Moore’s White Chocolate to match the trim and the rest of the house.  Done.
  5. Install the ceiling fan.  Done (although, it should’ve said, “Install ceiling fan… so it works.” which took a while since we’re dealing with some very old, wacky wiring that makes no sense at all).
  6. Install the recessed lights.  Done.
  7. Add crown molding to cover up the seam between the drywall on the ceiling and the walls.  We could seal it up with spackle, but we love crown molding.
  8. Update the baseboard and the molding around the windows.
  9. Fix imperfections in the wall.  (We didn’t do that before painting because it’s a big project that we’ll probably work on in pieces.)
  10. Re-install the curtain rods, add pull backs and curtains (In progress: we’re not going to install the pull backs until we update the molding, since the new molding is slightly bigger and will change the location of the pull backs.)
  11. Remove paint that previous owners got all over the window.  (In progress:  we hate paint stripper, but it’s the only way to get it off.  we’re just working on this one a tiny bit at a time so we don’t get frustrated and drywall over the windows.  Kidding.)
  12. Add headboard (DIY?), nightstands (Kristin is lusting after a pair at Restoration Hardware that are out of our budget, too bad), and a big bureau (our closet is too small for two grown adults).
  13. Mount TV on the wall.
  14. Find a runner to help blend Krister’s homemade chest into the theme of our bedroom.
  15. Buy lamps and other decorative touches to warm up the room.
  16. Put pictures on the walls.
  17. Do something fun with the large mirror on the wall next to the bathroom door.

As you can see, while it looks like we’ve made some progress, we still have a long way to go.  The room already feels more like our own (um, and less pink) which is making us very happy.

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