As you may recall, a couple weeks ago we had a snow storm:

During that storm, our neighborhood lost a lot of trees and limbs (the leaves were still on the trees, so the trees accumulated a lot of snow and couldn’t hold the weight).

Here are some views of the branches that hit in pictures where you can see them:

We looked around the house and didn’t see any damage (phew!).  It rained and the snow melted, and still no signs of damage (phew phew!).  We let the branches sit there while the snow melted and until we could find a place to put them.  This weekend, Krister hiked up on the roof and pulled the branches down.  Here’s what he discovered:

Two holes that penitrate through the whole roof.  We roped a tarp up there for the time being, but it looks like some roof repair is on our agenda for the weekend!  Fortunately the holes are relatively small and we’re not afraid of a little roof repair.

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