A bedroom ceiling update

Last time we updated you, we installed the drywall on the ceiling.  Fortunately, we’ve made some progress since that post!

Here’s a summary of how our progress has gone:

  1. Make sure the drywall is screwed into the studs. Right now, we put the drywall into the ceiling along the edges of the drywall.  To make it extra strong, we want to make sure a few screws go through the ceiling studs.  Done.
  2. Rough out the holes for the recessed lights and the ceiling fan.  We’re going to do that before applying the joint compound so that we don’t spackle in areas that will be cut out of the ceiling.  We’re not going to rough out the hole for the future chandelier until we find a chandelier that we like because we’re not sure how big the hole will need to be for the chandelier until we buy it.  We decided to wait until after we apply the joint compound (aka sand and spackle).
  3. Spackle, spackle, spackle.  Krister is a compulsive spackler so this step will take awhile.  We’re hoping it won’t take too long though because we need to move back into our bedroom before the holidays since we have guests visiting.  We can’t sleep in the guest room forever!  Well, as you’ll see below, we started spackling already.  We also pulled up the plastic and moved back into our bedroom because Krister’s sister Prudence came to watch Kasen over the weekend.  We weren’t all going to sleep in one bed, so we moved back into our bed.  The plastic will go back up tonight or tomorrow so we can get back to work.
  4. Paint the ceiling Benjamin Moore’s White Chocolate to match the trim and the rest of the house.
  5. Install the ceiling fan.
  6. Install the recessed lights.
  7. Add crown molding to the edges to cover up the seam between the drywall on the ceiling and the walls.  We could seal it up with spackle, but we want crown molding in there anyway, so we’re going to just cover it up.

We haven’t made much progress, but this is real time and we also both work.  And have a baby.  We still have a long way to go, but here’s a before-and-after shot so that you can get an idea of the progress we’ve made in the last week:

Sorry that the pictures aren’t at the same angle, with the same lighting, or really comparable at all…  We turned off the power in the bedroom since we’re in the middle of electrical work with the ceiling lights, etc.  The bedroom is currently lit with a powerful work-light.  Hopefully we’ll have lighting back in there again soon!

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