A Little Off (White)

So last time we posted, we had a curtain-color disaster in our bedroom:

The curtains were way too white.  We swapped them out for cream and are much happier with the results:

We like the plain soft curtain panels for this room (versus a patterned panel) because we want to have the bed be the focus of the room – with lots of layers and patterns.  We’d prefer to have the window panels remain subtle while making the room feel taller – thus the decision for long panels, to draw your eye up from the floor.

Here’s a closer look at how the cream looks with the metallic curtain rod and tie back:

The cream actually complements the metallic colors quite nicely, which surprised us.  We totally thought the straight white would look better with the cold silvery color than a warm cream would.  It turns out, the cream just made the metallic silver feel warmer.

The curtains still don’t look perfect.  We are pretty confident that they’ll look better after we move all the furniture back and install the tie backs properly.  Right now we just installed one tie-back in a hole that was already there (no idea why the hole was there since there isn’t another one on the other side…).

We don’t want to permanently install the tie backs right now because we will be replacing the moldings with wider moldings.  If we install the tie backs now, we’ll just be creating a hole that will be displaced later.  We also don’t to finalize the curtain installation right now because we will be embarking on a messy project shortly (yes, that’s our second teaser for our next big project – we’re really trying to keep you on the edge of your seat).  We actually only embarked on the curtain project because the curtains we wanted were on sale.  Stay tuned for more bedroom updates!

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