Our Bedroom Windows (aka: Why We Need Some Luck Picking Colors)

We made a few improvements to the bedroom windows over the last week or two.  First, we painted the trim:

We are planning to replace the trim, but until we do, now it’ll look nice and coordinated with the rest of the house.  We painted it White Chocolate by Benjamin Moore, which is a nice soft white that we have throughout the house.

Then, we added our newly updated curtain rods (as we mentioned in yesterday’s post, we took the old curtain rods, which were left from the former owners of our house, and spray painted them a silvery nickel color):

Then we added pretty window panels to finish them up:

Womp, womp.  Not so pretty.  We picked a bright white, thinking that would look perfect against the grey.  And it does.  But it looks terrible with the White Chocolate trim paint.   The rest of the house really needed the warm-tinted white, so White Chocolate was a good pick.  That means the panel is too white.  You can really see how the panel is too bright white when you look from the hallway:

It also really highlights the fact that the trim is painted a different color than the window itself (bright white vs. off-white).  This was not a problem in Kasen’s room, where the White Chocolate hits the window, so we will see what the diffferences are and see if we can make this look more natural.

So, we’re going to return them and try a creamier color.  We also picked up a cute quilt, but we’re going to hold onto the pictures of that until we can put the room together.

Then, another big project is in the works for our bedroom.  It involves paint stripper (start the wallpaper flashbacks from last year).  Wish us luck!

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