Silver & Gold

As we mentioned yesterday, the former owners left us gold/brassy curtain rods for our bedroom windows.  We like them, but the gold-brassy color wasn’t really welding melding with the grey we picked for our walls.  So, we painted them silver to match.

Kristin has read a lot on DIY blogs about using spray paint for a wide variety of home improvement tasks.  So, we decided to try it on the curtain rods.  We went to Home Depot and picked up some paint:

We took the curtain rods outside and put them on newspaper.  Then we painted them with thin coats of spray paint (very thin coat, let it dry, then another very thin coat).  Each coat took only a minute to dry.  Then we let it dry for about 15 minutes before flipping them over and painting the other side.

And then we put them back up on the walls.  They look amazing!  Exactly what we were going for:

The silvery color complements the grey walls perfectly.

Now we just need curtains.  We’re planning to go with a nice white to show off the shiny metallic rods and the grey walls.  As always, we’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “Silver & Gold

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