A new use for old window treatments

The previous owners of our house left us pretty green and gold curtains in the bedroom:

As you can imagine, these curtains don’t fit the new paint color:

Even though the gold and green doesn’t complement the grey (sounds like one of Kasen’s books: G is for gold and green and grey), we love the fabric and the curtain rods and have big plans for them.

For the fabric, we are (well, Kristin is) making a custom window cushion for the picture window in the living room.  Here’s a sneak peak:

The curtain rods are getting a facelift.  They’re going from gold to aluminum silver:

Because it’s so dark outside, you can’t see how silvery the paint is.  We’ll take some more pictures when it’s light outside for our post on painting the curtain rods.

Once we get further along on these projects, we’ll give you more how-to details soon, but the bedroom is really coming together and we can’t wait to show you the updates!

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